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Royal Menu, a trip with multiple flavours

La Pomme Cannelle Restaurant is pleased to present the Royal Menu, drawing inspiration from traditional gourmet cooking using the best dishes from the A la carte menu. 4 courses elaborated from the most delicate season’s offering, it offers a blend of the best dishes from the A la carte. Roasted duck liver, Omble chevalier, Venison in this refined tasting menu. The dessert “Apple-tarragon” complete the menu to finish on a sweet note.

To enjoy this menu even more, a wine pairing by the glass is proposed with a selection of the finest wines (Moselle areag, Burgundy, Bordeaux) at 38 Euros per person.

The Royal Menu changes seasonally to offer sensational contemporary incarnations of classical French dishes using the finest ingredients

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Hôtel Le Royal
12, boulevard Royal
L-2449 Luxembourg (ville)